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Degradeable pastilles resist leeching and provide sulfate all season long while improving uptake and utilization of other nutrients.

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Galaxy Sulfur manufactures high analysis bentonite sulfur fertlizer; offering premium quality and uniformity coupled with industry leading customer service.

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Rocket 90    


Rocket 90 Spec Sheet


Rocket 90 Spec Sheet


Rocket 90 Label Sheet

Label Sheet

Rocket 90

Reductions in sulfur emissions have created global sulfur deficiencies, ultimately, affecting crop quality and yield.

Rocket 90 degradable sulfur fertilizer effectively ammends Alkali and Saline Alkali soils lowering soil pH creating improved soil conditions which promote efficient uptake and utilization of NPK. Sulfur promotes protein synthesis and improves availability of phosphorus and micronutrients.

rocket90 1

Premium Quality and Uniformity

Rocket 90 Sulfur increases nitrogen utilization as well as phosphate and micronutrient uptake.

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Guaranteed Analysis

At almost 4 times the concentration of ammonium sulfate, Rocket 90 Sulfur (0-0- 0-90) greatly reduces transportation, storage and handling costs.

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Half moon shaped pastille

Bentonite clay pastilles thoroughly degrade when activated by water and convert to sulfate throughout the growing season while resisting leaching.

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